Keep Your Fleet Vehicles Running Smoothly

Keep Your Fleet Vehicles Running Smoothly

Should You Add EVs to Your Fleet?

It’s no surprise that the future of transportation will be electrifying. Thanks to evolving legislation and rising concerns about climate change, many global leaders are pushing car manufacturers to offer more eco-friendly options. While electric vehicles are better for the environment, are they better for your business? The fleet service technicians at Amton Auto and Truck in Tonawanda, New York, are here to help you find out.

How Can Electric Vehicles Enhance My Business?

One of the most important questions any business owner should ask themselves before making a big decision is, “Will this benefit my company?”

With road transport currently contributing to almost a third of America’s total greenhouse gas emissions, adding EVs to your fleet enables your business to embrace innovation. It will also help protect the environment. Opting for an EV fleet may also be more cost-efficient. While the upfront costs of an electric vehicle fleet seem pretty hefty, your business can save more money in the long run. This is because electric vehicles don’t need fuel, and there are fewer components to repair or replace. The parts that EVs have last longer than those found on traditional vehicles.

While electric vehicles are just as dependable as diesel or gas-powered trucks, they might not be able to make long-distance deliveries. Most electric vehicles can travel up to 150 miles round trip before recharging. EVs could be the perfect enhancement to your fleet if you operate within a smaller area. However, if you do regular long-distance deliveries, an electric fleet might not be the best option for your business.

Furthermore, if you’re on a tight schedule, you may not want to invest in EVs. It typically takes one to six hours to fully charge an electric vehicle. And while thousands of charging stations are popping up nationwide, many areas are still insufficient.

Quality Fleet Services

Whatever decision you make, it’s crucial to keep your fleet in tip-top condition. The fleet service technicians at Amton Auto and Truck in Tonawanda, New York, are here to help. We specialize in brake repair, diesel repair, auto AC repair, and more. Call us today at (716) 564-9010 to book your auto repair service. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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